Well, at least 1 in 4 women will experience rape or sexual assault in her lifetime, so I wasn't shocked when it was revealed that one of the several prominent female characters was raped. Is it a plot device when it portrays how rape happens in the real world (i.e., to 25% of women, committed by someone known to the… »11/15/13 4:26pm11/15/13 4:26pm

Licia Ronzulli: Cure for Working Mother Fatigue

As revealed in my shit-storm of a post last September, I am a mother. Specifically, a working mother. And you know what? It is damn hard to balance-juggle-maintain-hula-hoop-whatever-stupid-metaphor work and family. There's guilt. There's anger that the structure of US society and laws are hot poo when it comes to… »11/13/13 11:06am11/13/13 11:06am